Client Work

Nathan has worked from clients of various different backgrounds and focuses on creating and telling a story with the products in the photos. Work has ranged from clothing companies, to perfume, to accommodations, rental cars, and clients like, Wildway Granola, Erindi Nature Reserve which articles and photos were provided.


Glamping Hub

Worked with Glamping Hub in both the Midwest and Pacific Northwest Regions to showcase several of their interesting properties such as treehouses, airstreams, and tiny homes.


Wonderland Expeditions

Toured the Pacific Northwest with Wonderland Expeditions and their new Toyota Tacoma outfitted Truck to showcase its abilities as a camper and 4x4.


Lavazza Coffee

Photographed Lavazza Coffee Products in different cabin atmospheres to showcase them as an outdoor coffee brand.

Other clients include Ranger Station Candles, Vessi Footwear, SCNT perfume, Forever 21, ASCO car hire Namibia, Miir, Urban Outfitters, and more.